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Exactly Andy. Knowing that 5% utilization on your credit cards actually has a more positive impact on your FICO than 0% is incredibly valuable, counterintuitive, and exactly the sort of thing Biko will learn at creditboards. Plus bumpage, of course.

Joe Gore, that doesn make any sense at all.

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There are things on the crediboards site that I have ethical problems with, and there are items on this website I also have problems with, but I don't say "someone said lie to someone as part of wholesaling" and not realize that there is also a lot of good information on this site.

Air Max 90 Blue And Yellow

I also have a friend on the East Coast that, after 10 years in business, can get anyone up to house finance readiness which are her primary clients, those looking for home loans in 6 weeks. Sometimes longer depending on how bad their credit score is, but there is no one that she hasn't been able to help. I don't send clients her way, but I am all for paying for credit repair services if needed.

The credit repair companies basically either do things you can do yourself for nearly free (like sending dispute letters) or charge you large amounts to do things like add seasoned tradelines, which does work but only in very limited circumstances and which many consider unethical.

Biko, either try to find a good credit repair company that doesn work on a churn basis, or go to creditboard. I also strongly recomend creditboards and NOT the MyFico forum, buecause MyFico is owned by Fair Isaac, and they censor the forum to prevent people from learning things like the impact of utilization bucketing on their scores.

I know there are many unethical credit repair companies out there, but depending on your needs, a good credit repair company that has ethical standards can be a great value in many situations.

I am going to respectfully disagree with Richard C on this one. The value of a credit repair company depends on your needs and the efficiency of the company. If you need to bump up your credit score in order to close on a property or achieve financing, there are ethical credit repair companies that can get results quickly and save the deal.

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A good credit repair person is hard to find but worth what you pay them.

But in any case I wouldn give much credence to Joe weird situational ethics. If something is "fraud" it is equally fraud if you pay someone else to do it on your behalf.

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Knowing if you need to get a few points for a refinance, how to get them is not illegal, its knowing the system, which cards to pay down, etc.

I have talked to a few 'credit strategy" companies (I don't really have any bad credit) and frankly for me, I'd rather learn the system.

If time is more of a constraint than money, than and the others of course have a point. From you other question, I am assuming you are not actively investing, and so may have the time. The process of doing Air Max 90 Blue And Yellow your own credit repair will teach you a good deal about how the credit system works.

The long and short of credit repair, done by yourself or a company, if you don't pay your bills on time, your not going to have good credit, no matter what anyone does. If you do pay your bills on time, but need to know how to strategically get the best score, creditboards is good information.

There is also a book called "credit 911" by a mortgage broker in Dallas, its some good basic knowledge.

depending on your willingness to care for the issue with the same ability doing things in a timely way, having all of the docs needed, etc. of an ethical company, the time saved may be worth the small cost.

Air Max 90 Blue And Yellow

PM me or send me a colleague request if you like. I happy to help as I can.

Air Max 90 Blue And Yellow

If your like me you have a problem with a LOT of credit inquiries,,knowing how you might have some of those disappear (not involving any dispute) is a great thing.

Air Max 90 Blue And Yellow

So while most on this thread have disagreed with me, I don have an issue with most of the disagreements. Except Joe which is nonsensical. Whether you do credit repair yourself or have someone do it makes no difference in whether or not it is "fraud." (hint: It not.)

The non shady things a credit repair company can do for you (like disputing lates and removing collections) are simple, and non simple things (like buying seasoned tradelines) are shady. In my opinion only, of course.

Just what do you think credit repair companies do? They send dispute letters, just like creditboards will tell you to do. They add seasoned tradelines, which is far more ethically questionable than disputing lates and the like.

Seriously, your post makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Credit repair

And I add, Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Black/Black

No experience with credit repair companies. Basic answer is no, they not worth it. I have sent a number of people there, and am a member myself. It is a tremendous resource (again like Bigger Pockets) and a very welcoming and helpful community.

For me it comes down to time. Yes you can do it yourself, as you could just about most things in this world. I often help my clients with credit repair so they can get ready to purchase a home. It's fun and I use to own a credit repair company. Adding seasoned trade lines is a no no these days and usually now lowers the credit score on the person originally on the line. We owned 3 different companies that would sell items to clients on credit that reported. Doing it this way would bump their scores significantly. Nike Air Max Black Womens Sale

Air Max 90 Blue And Yellow

correction is made. They are very upfront about their charges and what each situation will cost. Sometimes, the client only needs one or two items corrected/updated in order to achieve the credit score required for their deal so they only pay for the items necessary.

So I don dispute what Ryan says, but I do question his analogies. Credit repair is not practicing law or piloting an aircraft. It is doing basic clerical work, in a timely manner.

Air Max 90 Blue And Yellow

You can believe that is "fraud" if you want (though you should be a good deal more careful using legal terms without knowing exactly what they mean) but if it is "fraud" when a person does it themselves with advice from creditboards, than it is every bit as much "fraud" to pay a credit repair company to do it.

I personally don't have any referrals for you. What I can say, is I have known people that have attempted credit repair themselves, and others that have paid for it. There are companies that are less than MORAL, but that exists in just about every field.

I only have one credit repair company that I refer because I know them personally, they are affiliated with an attorney's office so they get quick responses, and they don't charge the client until the discrepancy is removed or the Nike Air Max 90 Mesh (Gs)

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