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Cargill son told the jury he lived with Cargill for approximately Air Max 90 Br Grey

On cross examination, defense attorney Jeff Haas asked Cargill son about his early years. He said he remembered being in pre Kindergarten in Carthage, Texas and ten moving to Tyler for elementary school.

told the jury he has no intention of having any more contact with his mom for the remainder of his life.

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"How would you describe those twelve years?" Bingham said.

"To this very day, are there things that only you know that she done to you?" Bingham said.

"To live with my dad," Cargill son said.

"When she Air Max 90 Black Infrared put her fingers down your throat, could you breathe?" Bingham said.

"Are those things you want to keep to yourself?" Bingham said.

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Cargill son said he would often try to get outside the home and stay there because it made it easier to run away if he needed to.

"Not very much fun," Cargill son said. "I remember once we were in the kitchen and she stuck her fingers down my throat. I don remember why."

Haas then asked about his memories of what homes he live in and and what point in his life he live in those homes. He said his memory was hazy, but provided a rough timeline.

He recounted times in which he said Cargill would throw him out of the house in cold (40 degree) weather in nothing but a t shirt and basketball shorts. He said she would lock the door and leave him for an undetermined amount of time.

"If you could go back to your childhood and had one wish, what would it be?" Bingham said.

"I made pretty good grades," Cargill son said. "But I was always acting up in class.

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Cargill 17 year old son said there were several times growing up when he had to physically place himself between his mom and his younger half brother. He said he did it because he was older and stronger and felt he could take whatever she did better than he could.

day, Bingham said.

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Day 3 of sentencing phase in Kimberly Cargill Murder Trial

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"Not really," Cargill son said.

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"Do you ever remember going to bed and thinking been a great Nike Air Max 90 White Buy Online

"How did you do in school?" Haas said.

"These incidences of violence you describe, what is the earliest memory you have of them?" Haas said.

Kimberly Cargill second oldest son continued his testimony in a Smith County courtroom Wedensday. Cargill was convicted of Capital murder Friday for killing her youngest son baby sitter. The trial is in its sentencing phase as jurors try to decide whether Cargill will get the death penalty.

Cargill son said his mom would get really angry with him about three times a week on average. He said it was violent sometimes, but other times only extended to yelling.

twelve years, which was longer than any of his half brothers.

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