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These factors alone are the big reasons Vic Reynolds has the support of the Fraternal Order of Police and most of the men and women of the Cobb County Police Department.

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Attorney Vic Reynolds, a former police officer and chief magistrate judge, and Cindi Yeager, who headed the Crimes Against Children Unit as an assistant district attorney, were asked questions by moderator Dr. Tom Scott, a professor emeritus at Kennesaw State University, at the forum held at the county government's headquarters off the Square.

Old Officer, you do realize that Mr. Reynolds is the prosecutor, so he has a vested interest in being nice to you police officer types. Yeagers clients in jail. And you know as well as most people that most police officer types are not real eager to admit when they have made mistakes, told lies or failed to do things they should have done, right? You also know that the police officer types typically do not volunteer any information that might hurt the charges they have made against the individual on trial (that's not real i nice, is it?)

DA candidates talk about death penalty stand your ground

evidence to the point of camping outside the neurologist's Scottish Rite office at dawn to obtain an interview, in addition to making an appointment at the nail salon to try to interview the mother.

old girl who ended up in a coma with a subdural hematoma after being left with her stepfather one day. Needles were stuck under her fingernails to try and wake her up before she was finally taken to the hospital, Yeager said.

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Yeager shared the case of a 4 year Nike Air Max 90 Mens Blue And White

"There is no justice by group," Yeager said. "You have to look at the facts and circumstances of each particular case, look at the law that applies to that case, and see what justice deserves. The district attorney's job is not to prosecute people, but to seek justice, and I think if you look for justice in every case that goes through the district attorney's office, the right thing will happen."

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Scott asked the candidates to name a case they were proud of winning.

Vic Reynolds is a gentleman and treats people, including arresting officers, with respect. He is always cordial and professional in court.

Reynolds said he was involved in the prosecution of one of the first gang related incidents in Atlanta as an assistant district attorney in Fulton County. Another case he cited in Cobb was that of Jeanine Echols, a mother who was prosecuted for enrolling her three honor students in Marietta City Schools when she had a home in unincorporated Cobb and a town home in the city.

Yeager said she got a conviction against the stepfather despite there being no independent witnesses. She said she did this by collecting Nike Air Max Collection

Yeager also pointed out that as a prosecutor she has tried more than 150 jury trials and obtained over a 95 percent conviction rate.

It's this simple:

"That case languished in the district attorney's office before Judge Robinson for months and even years," Yeager said. "When I was assigned by District Attorney Ben Smith to take over the Crimes Against Children Unit, that was the first case I was given."

Reynolds said a "stand your ground" law is basically a self defense law. It's not unusual in homicide cases for an individual to allege he was defending himself. The problem is not with stand your ground laws but with how the law is applied, Reynolds said.

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"As Cobb County Bar president, I was Air Max 90 Winter

"In light of that, I've chosen not to defend any death penalty cases throughout my career, Air Max 90 Army because I don't think you can defend a case and then be elected district attorney and all of a sudden prosecute those same cases," Yeager said.

"I defended her," Reynolds said. "We obtained an acquittal on all 16 counts. I was extremely proud to be a lawyer when that verdict came in."

Cindi Yeager is known for flying off the handle, acting exasperated, and being condescending to people, including arresting officers. This is so even though she is married to a Cobb County Police officer.

Yeager said she had management experience as well.

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"The law has to be applied equally to every individual who comes through the system," he said. "You don't make a good district attorney by how many cases you win. You make a good DA at the end of the day by whether or not that person served justice. It's the same thing with stand your ground law. Most individuals will tell you that they have a right to defend themselves in their home, in their property. They ain't got a right to chase somebody down the street and shoot somebody."

MARIETTA The two Republicans vying to replace retiring Cobb District Attorney Pat Head shared their thoughts on the death penalty and "stand your ground" laws during a political forum sponsored by the Cobb chapter of the NAACP on Tuesday.

in charge of managing over 1,000 attorneys right here in Marietta, and as Cobb County Bar president I took a deficit budget of negative $30,000 and turned it into a surplus of $20,000 in less than 12 months' time," she said. "I can bring that same kind of fiscal responsibility to our district attorney's office."

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"The DA's responsibility includes a great deal of time managing those and supervising those individuals," Reynolds said, noting that he had that experience as chief magistrate judge with a staff of close to 60.

Yeager said that when she left prosecution for private practice, she had in the back of her mind that she would run for district attorney one day.

Both candidates said they support the death penalty. Reynolds said he would personally try any case in which he is seeking the death penalty.

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Yeager said such cases should be handled in the same manner any other case is handled, which is to examine them on an individual basis.

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"I think that protecting that voiceless victim was probably the most important case in my career," she said.

Sometimes getting the truth out requires pulling the police officer types out of the comfort zone that Mr. Reynolds, the prosecutor, likes to keep them in. (BTW, is Mr. Reynolds always real nice to the people he has charged with crimes?).

Reynolds said it's important for the district attorney to have managerial experience because the DA's staff includes more than 100 people.

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