Air Max 90 Anniversary

He calls Hairball a simple band.

Air Max 90 Anniversary

Air Max 90 Anniversary

All that aside, he does, in fact, call exactly when he's supposed to, and he apologizes in advance for two things: 1) He's really hoping to be done with the interview in about 15 or 20 minutes because he's really looking forward to leaving wherever he is and picking up his kid. And 2) He tends to ramble on about a lot of things, especially music.

Air Max 90 Anniversary

Air Max 90 Anniversary

"I have many fond memories of Mankato," Happy says. "Hairball no longer plays clubs, but throughout our history we've played clubs and Mankato was a regular part of our diet. We played there probably every six weeks."

uncanny displays that look amazingly like the original artists whose music they're playing. When they play Kiss' "Rock and Roll All Night," they don't just play the song; members of the vast Hairball entourage come out dressed in character, a fact that gives the crowd both the sound and look of the real thing.

He does not, however, call them a tribute band. Which may, to some, sound odd.

Air Max 90 Anniversary

"I used to think the real people who are making a difference are the guys in medicine and science. But then I think music is sometimes the motivator or the spark that puts people in the mood to do great things," he said. "I think music and enjoying and coming together with people changes lives for the better. No, I'm not a doctor, I'm not Air Max 90 Woven

"As long as the electricity works and I've got the stage room, I'm pretty happy," he said.

But Happy says their approach takes the show far beyond what a so called tribute band might do.

He says that's important for many reasons.

Cover band is HAPPY AND HAIRY

When they play a Van Halen song, they've got a guy sing who is a dead ringer for David Lee Roth. When they sing Alice Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Independence Day Green

Air Max 90 Anniversary

Cooper's songs, same thing.

And they will again. They're slated to play Mankato's Riverfront Park tonight.

an astronaut. But I'm very proud of what we do.

"To call it a tribute band I think sells it short," he says. That's what I loved Air Max 90 Anniversary as a kid, I love to see the fire and bombs. Instead his calling card is intensity, the energy he brings to the show, and the drive and desire he has to put on the kind of show people expect.

Air Max 90 Anniversary

Hairball has made a name for itself with elaborate and Nike Air Max 90 Pink And Green

Air Max 90 Anniversary

Hairball, of course, is no stranger to the Mankato area.

Air Max 90 Anniversary

Lead guitarist from the one of the most successful cover bands ever?Happy (the members of Hairball don't like to reveal their real names) is the somersault flipping, high kicking, chest exposing guitar god for the band Alice Cooper once called "the best cover band I have ever seen." And although he proclaims to not be a "note for note" kind of guy, the non guitarists out there may beg to differ after viewing a YouTube clip of him recreating Eddie Van Halen's legendary "Eruption."

Air Max 90 Anniversary

Air Max 90 Anniversary

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