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Some listened. Some didn't. Amidst it all, I tried to keep it simple. A Nike Air Max 90 Womens Size 12

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There's just something so wrong when one of the most important of Christian holidays gets bogged down in the mindset of what people expect to get for a present.

How this Christian event turned into a mad dash to the malls and stores extending their hours in the week before Good Friday, is beyond my comprehension.

My disgust with it has been brewing for years, actually; ever since child number one came along. All of a sudden we had a whole pile of new holidays and special occasions to think about costumes for Hallowe'en, gifts for Christmas, presents for a load of birthday parties of children who were now part of our circle of friends and, of course, chocolates for Easter.

Cover their ears

On the drive to work I was listening, as usual, to Air Max 90 2016 White the CBC morning show. I was shocked and appalled, to say the least, over one of the segments of the show.

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This time, they took what they thought was the cute approach and sought out children with the question, "What's the Easter Bunny going to bring you this year?"

If the idea that the public broadcaster would simple mindedly go along with perpetuating this foolish nonsense wasn't enough to set my teeth on edge, the answer given by the first of the Kindergarten set did the trick.

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Air Max 90 2016 White

I do know that Easter is supposed to be a time of remembering the sacrifice of Christ and his teachings, and the miracle of His rebirth.

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Air Max 90 2016 White

While I am not a regular church goer, Air Max 90 Junior

Then, last week, I encountered the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

Surely there are sufficient other occasions in the year that are more appropriate for Nike Air Max 90 2015 Mens Price

gift giving. Do we really need to take a religious event and turned it into another shop 'til you drop extravaganza?

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few plastic eggs filled with loose change hidden around the house, a new pair of pyjamas each and some extra school supplies wrapped in pastel coloured paper. That's all I give the kids, and they've been happy with it.

What with the gifts presented from all our living relatives, my house had more chocolate in it on our son's first Easter than I had ever lugged home in the grocery bags in all the four years we had lived there before the blessed event.

For those of you who may not know, this is the latest in gaming technology and, at about $300 for the set, a darned expensive Easter egg.

Mind you, it hasn't been easy to choose the simple style.

Still, I refused to bend to try to keep up with the latest extravagance in Easter gift giving.

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Air Max 90 2016 White

Save your money! I advised them. We don't want Easter gifts. Christmas is bad enough without having to add in all the other holidays and special occasions.

At that moment I realized that if I was to stop the madness I had to do something. I made a note in my calendar that, in the week after the Valentines paraphanelia comes off the shelves and the first Easter Crme egg commercial hits the evening news, I would notify all gift giving relatives that my house was a chocolate free zone.

It was a 'streeter', one of those air fillers where a reporter with a microphone hits the streets to get the opinions of passersby.

"He's going to bring me a Wii," said the youngster.

In fact, I can't see how the giving of gifts should even be a part of Easter.

Others are more lavish with the gift giving at Easter, leaving some young kids to wonder why the Easter Bunny was so nice with some and a bit of a cheapskate with others.

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