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In the last hour Wednesday, 15 year old Joe Lang took the stand to testify that he saw Elkins and his co defendant Dominique Lang together at his grandmother's home in Brunswick after the shooting took place.

Elkins then threatened the baby, Dominique Lang said.

He told the Cobb jury he did not go to school that day.

In a pre trial hearing, Joe Lang told the court he woke up at Hopkins Homes, a government housing complex in Brunswick. Wednesday he said he woke up "around the corner" and described the route he took to get from where the home he woke up in to his grandmother's home.

"I didn't have nothing to wear," he said.

up at his grandmother's house, where he saw his cousin with Elkins. But it's how he got there that was in question.

When the inconsistency was pointed out by defense attorney Jonathan Lockwood, Joe Lang told the court the transcript from the previous hearing was inaccurate.

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Credibility of witnesses questioned in Day 3 of accused baby killer s trial

"That might be De'Marquise," he said in the video. A few minutes later he told police, "That's him. He did it. That looks like him."

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"He came around the stroller and she came around the other way and he shot," he said. "I was in panic mode. I didn't move."

"He slapped her with the gun," Dominique Lang said.

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He followed Elkins into the south portion of the city toward a neighborhood lined with oak trees and considered one of Brunswick's better communities.

When asked why he changed his story from being pretty sure to certain, Joe Lang sat quietly, staring with widely opened eyes directly at Lockwood, who asked the judge four times in a raised voice to order an answer from the witness.

That didn't sit well with Lockwood.

The defense said the way police got Dominique Lang to identify Elkins is problematic.

He told police Elkins was wearing a red sweatshirt, black Air Max 90 Pink Womens

Elkins is accused of shooting 13 month old Antonio Santiago between the eyes in his stroller during the attempted robbery of the toddler's mother. 90 Air Max Red Elkins faces multiple charges, including murder, but is not eligible for the death penalty because he was not 18 at the time of the shooting.

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MARIETTA Day three of the trial against accused baby killer De'Marquise Elkins ended with an unanswered question about the credibility of a key witness.

A quiet, meek Dominique Lang wearing a Cobb County jail jumpsuit with shackles on his hands and feet watched as defense attorney Kevin Gough played a video of his testimony the day of the shooting.

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That route wasn't from the housing project.

Attorneys took the time before the jury entered the courtroom and their lunch break to argue whether or not an identification made to police by Dominique Lang should stand. Three other witnesses pointed to Elkins sitting next to his attorneys and his mother in the courtroom and said he's the Nike Air Max 90 Grey Womens

Joe Lang is the cousin of Dominique Lang, also 15, and defense attorneys found his story problematic.

He was "pretty sure" he woke up at a home not at the government housing community and then told Lockwood he was "certain."

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The judge did not give the order. Instead, he opted to end the trial for the day. There is no indication the pair knew each other before that day.

He was walking behind Elkins when Elkins approached a woman with a stroller and asked for her purse, Dominique Lang said.

Both Antonio and his mother, Sherry West, were shot, though the mother lived and is expected to testify.

Dominique Lang is also charged with murder and was allegedly with Elkins during the shooting.

pants and was black. Dominique Lang provided no other distinguishing characteristics. Calling Elkins "black" was a reference, he said, to Elkins' skin tone being darker than his own.

man they told police they saw with Dominique Lang the day of the shooting.

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